Make Stock Code First Column in List View in Stock List View

How can I make stock code the first column in list view as I’m more familiar with my products stock codes than I am with their description as many are quite similarly named?

What does active mean? Couldn’t find anything in the docs. Might be more space efficient to colour code the background of the items to indicate their status assuming it provides useful info. There is plenty of space on the side bar to put a key to the colouring however after a few days anyone would quickly become familiar with the colour coding. Also the side bar is largely redundant in this view with options that would be rarely used therefore it should collapse out of the road to give more space to really useful information such as current stock levels, latest purchase price and stock location (if only stock location really existed in erpnext rather than a fudge on warehousing).

We were thinking the exact same here. +1!

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