Make tax digital - uk

As the cogs at the HMRC in the UK are now spouting that Make Tax Digital will be mandated from April 2019 where does ERPNEXT stand in having a tie into the new soon to be mandated regulatory compliance.

for those who have no clue about this - MTD is the next stage in having VAT and Corporation tax calculated quarterly and paid quarterly (as if the vat wasnt bad enough!!).

“where does ERPNEXT stand”

Here are some clues to initiatives afoot Search results for 'vat uk' - Frappe Forum


can you share a document stating the requirements for the same?

Or even create a GitHub issue where it can be addressed by the devs. An example of it would be:

I created a GitHub issue about this —> Support for Making Tax Digital (UK) · Issue #16025 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I completed a design for this to be integrated into ERPNext as a regional module here. Comments & support welcome!