Make Territory default value blank

Hello dears

i`v mote than 10 territories in my system
and that field is mandatory for creating a customer or even a sales order
but its already has a default value which is All territories
so many sales orders coming to accounting department with that value which is effects that result of the reports

so how can i get a blank and mandatory field for the territories in both customer and sales order doctypes ??


Territory is a mandatory field in the customer master and it is further fetch in transactions from there. The default territory is fetched Selling module >> Selling Settings.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for reply
but the default territory is applied for the entire users in the system
and what i need is to apply a territory for certain users that are working in that territory and aply another territory for another user which is working in that another territory

Update !

Territory field is mandatory field in customer Doctype and it takes the default value which is ( All Territory) what i need is to make that field blank and mandatory at the same time to force sales users select the Territory
at the same time i`v make this permission as if owner for sales users and shared the Territory for every user working in that Territory

so how to make it blank while creating a new customer without default value ??

even if you make it blank in selling setting still pop up as default i think you can try custom script .