Make Workspaces available to user roles

I have only installed frappe framework on my server (not erpnext)

I have created two workspaces and two user roles within my custom app.
I would like to have each workspace be accessible by one role.
What are the steps I would need to do to achieve this? It would look something like this
Role 1 → Access to Workspace for Role 1
Role 2 → Access to Workspace for Role 2

System Manager & Administrator → Keep access to all workspaces + workspace for role 1 and workspace for role 2.

I can’t wrap my head around it. For some reason I managed to get this working for one of the user roles, but there is no clear documentation around this and I was wondering what steps I would need to do and check to make sure this gets executed correctly. (I think it might be something permission-wise, but I have no overview to consult and am lost.)

Thanks very much in advance!

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Okay, I have some insight maybe.

One step which I just checked was the allow module list. Strangely if you select all modules, it doesn’t work, but I limited the seleciton to the following: