Making a multipage web form


How can I make my web form to have multiple pages so that users can fill forms step by step

If you are talking about the website, you can use JavaScript custom scripts for that.

see for your reference: Web Forms.


Thank you for your response. But I had read that document and it didn’t provide the solution to the issue I want to resolve.

What I want to do is to create a web form that allows users to fill out and submit step by step and each step will appear on its own page. This is similar to what older versions of frappe implemented with page breaks.

This image on the Web forms document shows this

So my question should have been, how do I create pagination for web forms?

Thank you.

The webform no longer support pagination.

Is there a way to splitting long forms into separate pages since pagination is no longer supported?

Like I mentioned, the only fast solution is to write the script in JavaScript, the second solution is to hire someone or develop the forms by your self, it’s a lot of work and not an easy job, but saw most use JavaScript instead and it’s working just fine.

Any example you could point out to us please?

you should try a combiniation of how to create web pages in ERPNext and How to Create Javascript Multipage form

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You can still do a multi step web form by these 2 steps

  1. Check is multistep
  2. add a section break (this is actually the page break)
    And Volia, you 've got the next page button: