Making amount hidden on stock entry

Hello everyone,

I’m a bit new using ERPNext and am trying to set up permissions / access levels for various users. The company I’m working for doesn’t want the financial information showing for low level system users using the Stock module, so I’ve been setting various fields regarding this to higher access levels and been customizing the forms. The issue I’ve ran into is that I can’t seem to figure out how to hide the financial information in the Stock Entry table. I can hide everything else, and have successfully hidden that information in another form, but this one is leaving me a bit perplexed. :confused:

I’ve uploaded a screenshot so as to show what I’m referring to. The “Factory Worker” in question is currently set as a buying user and a stock user, though this can change. Is the answer to set access levels for specific items?

you need to change the erpnext code a little fot this… the code is on templates dir…


Thanks for the quick reply! So there isn’t a way via the Settings module itself? Been trying to avoid modifying code behind too much since I’m still new to Frappes/ERPNext development.


So I found frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/templates/form_grid. Do I comment out the div involving the amount? Or am I looking for something else?

Okay, so I’ve tried commenting out lines and removing the amount from item_grid.html and stock_entry_grid.html. So far it seems to have no impact on the table. Am I missing something with how to make the column disappear? I swear I did a modification like this before and it took effect without having to restart the ERP system.