Making Custom Field visible based on Stock Entry Purpose


I have created a custom field in Stock Entry and I want the field to be visible if Stock entry purpose is Material Transfer only.If Purpose is other than Material Transfer the field should be hidden.
Please can any one help me.
Thank you very much.

Try adding a condition in the ‘display depends on’ permission for your custom field.
eval: doc.stock_entry_purpose == "Material Transfer"

Thank you for your reply Shiv_SJ,
but when i make that it totally disappears even if Stock Entry Purpose is Material Transfer.
any ideas?

My bad. I just noticed that the name of the stock entry purpose field is ‘purpose’.
Try this instead,
eval: doc.purpose == "Material Transfer"

And uncheck ‘Read Only’ and ‘Hidden’ options in case you did.

Thank you very much,
now it is working.