Making ERPnext , FTA approved application in UAE

Hi all,
Need some clarification. Kindly help.
Even though ERPnext is compatible to process VAT in UAE, still its not FTA certified application. ERPnext does’nt include the generation of VAT returns and other audit files which are needed by FTA. Any idea whether these changes will be incorporated in ERPnext soon or its already under progress?
Also what are the other reasons of ERPnext for not been approved by FTA in UAE?

Thanks in advance.

Till now, i have not seen any demand to get Certified by FTA. Even SAP, Dynamics 365 does get exact FTA forms/Pages. Only one overacting company went to FTA certification

if we are VAT compatible or Not, That is enough

I would not loose a wink of sleep over software that has got certificate after making hefty payment to the government body. ERPNext is being used extensively in UAE, KSA & Bahrain where VAT is in place past 3 years. You are most welcome to fill the form, make payment and get the certificate for all UAE community

And heres list of the approved software. Almost all software validity has expired. Does not look like they found any value in registration hence were not renewed.