Making Invoice from Timesheet

Hallo, i am searching for a solution t make an invoice.
I Think, this is basic for a system like erpnext.


  1. 1 have a timesheet. For exmple, i have 3 rows.
    Row 1 ist programming (expensive)
    Row 2 is Projectmanagement (less expensive)
    Row 3 is drinking coffe (cheap)

This mixture of activity-types with different amounts are nor ready for an invoice.
Inside the timesheet-detail i know the project, the customer.
OK, i think, all nessesary information is done and ready.

NOW i press the button “make timesheet”

Ah ok, a window opens and ask me, what activity type and who is the customer.

If i now fill in one activity type, i know, that the different amounts af the done activities are a problem.

Other question - please teach me:
I have a timesheet, what is the way to get the invoice?

Based on my case, i need an invoice with 3 positions - in my opinion the only base for a correct invoice, because of different amounts of the different activity types.

  1. Programming, price
  2. Projectmanagement, price
  3. drinking coffee, price

How is this possible?
Sorry, i did not understand erpnext timesheet - invoicing …

You need to create the Timesheet first then go to Sales Invoice, expand the TimeSheet Row and add your timesheet