Making Invoice-missing item

again i am testing to work with timesheet.

  1. I made a task

  2. i made a timesheet and some logs.

  3. I start to make an invoice - have an empty item-list and below the timsheet-list.

  4. i moved the timsheet rows with drag & drop to the item area.
    fine - so far.

but with pressing the button “safe” i geht the error-message:

Missing Fields
Mandatory fields required in Sales Invoice

I checked all itmes (timesheet rows) - all nessesary infos are inside and made.
What is the problem?



Thanks for reporting it. It’s an issue. Ideally, it should not allow dragging Timesheets into Ite table. I will create a Github Issue for it.

To complete the invoicing, you should select a service item in the Sales Invoice Item table. Please do not drag and drop Timesheet into Item table. We will resolve that issue soon.

Thanks Umair for your info.
But if this would not be an issue, it is perfect … !

For example, i have 3 Tasks,
And every task is different activity type (and with this, different cost per hour), i cannot count them 3 together,
So i need to write my invoice manually?

Because the decription, what to do (what is also part of the invoice, that customer knows what i have done) is also inside the task,
I have manually change back into task, copy the the description text, go back into invoice, have a look how many hours and so on … an paste the description manually.

And now for example i have 10 tasks …

Is it the status, to make an invoice manually? it is much faster to to with excel.
Or - again, am i false?

I did not understand the timesheets …

Please give me more info - help me to understand, what is the usecase of a timesheet, to make an invoice?
Thanks a lot