Making madotory field non mandatory of default child table(item)


In CRM opportunity doctype’s child table i.e Items table mandatory field i want to make that non mandatory field, is it possible to do ??..I am unable to make it non mandatory because it is default.

which version? @pm23


erpnext 15.8.3
frappe 15.7.0

Hi @pm23,

In version 15, the Item table is a non-mandatory field and it’s a default. Please again check from your side. We checked from my end so it’s non-mandatory and default.

Thank You!

Hello @NCP ,

Item table fields are mandatory, like Rate so i want to make it non-mandatory that how i can do ?..or is it possible to do or you cannot change that it will remain mandatory ?

possible, that for, you can use a property setter.

Please check the post.

Thank You!