Making Notes read-only

I want to add a check in notes to make the text editor content read only for other users
The only notes that I checked not all notes read only

You can share with other, and enable only Read mode. This means, from Role Permissions, you will need to give access to only System Manager or higher roles. After that Sharing should do the trick for you.

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thanks for your answer i think this will be difficult i case i have to share it with more than 100 user
this would be alot easier if erpnext have a group feature which allow me to share with group
i got better idea
i can add another text editor in notes which have a name readonly-note and give this field a permission with level 1 which is allow edit if owner and read only for others and i can add a check box which hide and display this text editor

:+1: do give it a try…

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