Making of Audit Trail Mandatory in India from Next FY

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India has brought out the mandatory recording of the audit trails of each transaction and creating an edit log of every change made in account books with proper dates. As per the amendment, the audit trail feature must not be disabled in the accounting software.
I think it’s similar to Erpnext’s Activity Log. But do we need to make any changes to comply with new law? Has anybody worked on it?

Here are some references for read:
ICAI | Provisions related to Audit Trail to come into effect
Tally Audit Trial Feature
SAP Audit Trial Feature

Immutable ledgers are already supported in ERPNext. It’s a setting in Account Settings.

I think that’s not enough.
Auditors want to see Audit Trial in report format.

I think we should take a look into SAP and Tally features.

Ok got it. We do have track changes at doctype level. We can use this. Yes may be changes required at framework level for logging and making reports out of this in order to comply with the standards.