Making search in diferente labels

how to make when selecting a group Within a list , and you select this group , be able to list in another list items belonging to this group?

honestly I got a little dizzy trying to understand your sentence. So, this is based on a guess what you actually are looking to do.

maybe you need to add several filters to a list view

  1. filter for the group you want to inspect
  2. add any other filter depending on what you are looking for

does that help?

oh, sorry for not be clear
no i dont want to do this filter in a list view, but in a label

how can i tell you,
for example you have the label item code in doctype quotation item, if i put in this doctype an label called group and link it with group list tree, when i choose one group on this label, the list of item codes should be only parte of that group i choose before, do i make my self clear?

Refer following link, might be it helps you -

thank you, but i dont know how the custom query work