Making Student Fees System Usable

First,i must salute the effort of the team.
I have carefully studied the Education module and discovered that the accounting for school fee will not work in a robust environment.
Under the Fee Structure,the fee category should be seen as a SERVICE ITEM.An such should be accorded the feature of an item as it is in the main account module. So in creation of fee category there should be possibilities such as linking the item (fee category) to account,discount,margin,cost center,etc.With this when Fee Structure is to be created,many fee category can be selected and the account for each item(fee category)can be selected.If this implemented making Fee Schedule will be greatly enhanced.
Presently above scenario is not possible because the debtor account and sales account are generalized for all the selected fee categories


Great suggestion @Fred1
@scmmishra we can consider this during education module enhancement.

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@scmmishra This is really a great suggestion. In real world fee category is mapped to account heads.