Manage Expense Claim Types

A lot of the document types allow you to rename them, but for some reason I don’t see the ability to do that for expense claim types. Also, Can’t seem to delete them either. Am I missing something?

You can set up values of Expense Claim Type to be Airfare, Meals etc. and map them to an account. If you want to just change the label of Expense Claim Type you can do that from the doc type I would think.

Right I was able to create some new ones and map them to the proper accounts in the chart of accounts, but there were some out of box ones I wan’t to remove and/or rename and reuse and can’t seem to find where I can do that. There are no menu options exposing the ability to delete like other lists of documents of a certain doctype and this one does not seem to have rename ability either.

I have fixed the renaming issue and it will be live in the next release. And for deletion, you have to assign “Delete” permission for Expense Claim Type from Role Permission Manager.

Thanks @nabinhait. Adding the permission for the HR Manager role fixed it for me. I was able to delete the unwanted expense claim types and then add the ones I want.

In an out of box 7.1 instance, no one has delete rights on the explain claim type doctype. I would suggest this be added as a default permission at some point.

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