Manage Rentals/Lease

I got a requirement to manage office/godown rentals of a car showroom business .
Requirements are -

  1. Manage Lease details
  2. Notify Lease Payment Dates
  3. Make Lease Payments
  4. Agreement Renewal dates notifcation

What is the best way to deal with these in ERPNext ?

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You could try looking at the subscription feature to manage reoccurring payment requests. There’s also this application for property management that may help:

That is great for making recurring documents for payment .I need to manage lease documents and lessor details too.Can any doctype handle this as of now ?

I’m thinking that you would have to create a custom document to get all of the fields you need if you want to manage the form within ERPNext. You could also create the lessor as a customer or supplier (depending on the relationship) and attach a document to that record (for eg. uploading a signed lease agreement). You can keep additional details as well in the contact assigned to that record.

Not able to pull above app as the links have not been updated. I forked and updated the link still can’t get it into my instance. Were you guys able to get it to work?

@Muzzy file has broken here.

try this GitHub - hrgadeha/property

  1. is this related to GitHub - jcbdigitalhub/property: Property Management ?
  2. I guess erpnext_property would be a more meanigful name for such an ERPNext App

This is the same, i just fixed file as this GitHub - jcbdigitalhub/property: Property Management is not able to clone.


so this is an active project? Have you enertanied the thought to make it ready to go into the core code? I think property management would be feature set which would be a valuable addition to ERPNext in general.

I have not tested it but i would like to put my hands on it and contribute to ERPNext.

nice. I just sent a PR with some additional info to the README

Thank you @Hardik_Gadesha. Will test it. Appreciate your help.

Welcome @Muzzy,

if it works for you then please mark it as solution so it will helpful for other users to find solution easily.

for my understanding @Hardik_Gadesha some questions:

  1. is this a complete workable module, or more like a beta version for (property) rental?
  2. is it bound to property can it be used for renting out other items (like machines, cars, hotel rooms, etc.) as well?

This is the same as GitHub - jcbdigitalhub/property: Property Management. i just feel that it’s broken to clone and install so i fix bug and post here the workable link to repo.

We can Make it Generic for all use case as mentioned above as i see there is no any specific feature like this in ERPNext.

installed it (v11) … but can not find anything really. I guess with out any king of manual it is not providing much value

is any of those things related to the app @Hardik_Gadesha, or do you have any kind of documentation somewhere ?

@Muzzy have you done anything with the property app thus far?

No. Haven’t got around to it. Will take your word for it to save my time. :grin:

Try it out

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