Manage Serialized Items by range

need to manage serialized items by range of serial numbers.

For example to enter a material receipt of 1000 unit of SN_1 to SN_1000 do I need to enter 1000 lines or just one line with qty = 1000 and sn_from = SN_1 and sn_to = SN_1000

docs said:

Step 6: Update Opening Qty

For the serialized item, update quantity as many Serial Nos are their.

For the serialized item, mention Serial Nos. equivalent to it’s Qty

I think one by one and not possible by range, anyone can confirm my understanding

You can set the S.No format in the item master itself, and in purchase receipt the nos will be generated.

Thx for the update, but my question about how to enter serial number in form, if I have 10000 serial number, am I going to enter 10000 lines or just one line with serial number from and serial number to.
Also serial numbers are not auto-generated, we use supplier serial number.

If you are using v15 can you not use the Add Serial Nos via CSV File upload function, if the info is readily available from the supplier.

correct we can add from csv file, I have used already.
Again I will load 10000 lines not a range for SN_From and SN_To right?

I think SN range is not possible with ERPNext.

If it is a SN, then it must be generated in series even if it is supplier provided.

So why not go with two custom fields giving the start and end SL.No, and a custom function to generate consecutive SL.Nos in that range and place it in the SL.NO field?

Or the easier way would be to just drag create the SL.No in Excel, copy the required range, paste into the SL.No field.

Thx a loy