Manage Service Item (with Timed based Plan and Validity)

Hello, I want to understand how to manage service item as below in ERPNEXT ?

  • Silver Plan (10 MBPS Speed)
    Per Month Rs.1000,
    Per Quarter Rs. 2500,
    Per Semi Annual Rs. 5000,
    Per Annual Rs.10000

MOST IMP. (How to configure recurring bill or validity as per purchased plan ?)


Recurring Invoices is present in ERPNext.

If you have a contract with a Customer where you bill the Customer on a
monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis, you can check the “Recurring
Invoice” box. Here you can fill in the details of how frequently you want to
bill this Invoice and the period for which the contract is valid.

ERPNext will automatically create new Invoices and mail it to the email ids
you set.

Sambhaji Kolate,
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.

@Vipul_Patel, @kolate_sambhaji ERPNext only support’s recurring Invoices, that is very distinct of Recurring Billing

I’m currently on this feature now @Vipul_Patel, you can take a look in the first preview here - YouTube
The audio is in PT-BR, but I’m explaining, how to create a plan for an internet provider, that requires a Activation Fee, and a Hardware installation.


Hi max_morais_dmm
Thanx for sharing information, is there anyway i can login and check or can possible to share document so i can check with my development environment…?


hi @max_morais_dmm! any idea for de implementation the Reccurring Billing? V7.1 maybe?

thanks, is a incredible feature.

@federico_calvo wrong person! @rmehta is the right person to ask!

@federico_calvo FYI

thnaks @max_morais_dmm and @JoEz , I see that this is still in process.

How is this going? We are an ISP and would also like this feature.

@henwoodluke The Subscription functionality is redesigned and merged into the version 11