"Manage Third Party Backup" option is missing, schedule the database backup and https issue

Hello all, nice and good to know there is a ERP product like ERPNext, I am having a trial and evaluation on this product and seems it fits our company needs. However, during the evaluation, I found some issues and hope some experienced users can help, but I am new to Linux system (I am new to Linux system but I know how to run some basic commands) and Python programming language, so is that a right product for me ?

I can’t find the “Manage Third Party Backup” option mentioned in the user manual, no matter from the self-hosted VM downloaded from erpnext.com, or from the www.erpnext.com online account … anyone can help on this ?

Moreover, can I make the database backup schedule by myself ? I notice that the system will run a database backup task automatically but seems I can’t control the schedule from the Setup menu.

The last but not least, how can I deploy https to the self-hosted VM ? Is that possible?

Thank you so much in advance for all the experts here :slight_smile:



Re your queries

The Third Party Backup option will be appear once its been enabled through:

  1. Installing one of the apps (AWS)
    Amazon S3 BackUp App
  2. Enabling it in the config file for Dropbox

Yes you can, by configuring a cron job coupled with the bench backup command

Again you can do this using the bench command and you can find the details here. To note if you are using Virtualbox VM, the networking side of things will be a challenge if you are not familiar with Network Admin.


Hope this helps.

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Great ! Thanks ! I will read it and try to follow the instructions.


Page not found for the above link, and I try to google “erpnext setting up dropbox backup”, some results relevant results found like


but again, page not found. It seems such dropbox backup setting option is disabled ? Or discontinued ?

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This is where I had also stucked while backup.

@ronlee426, @asharamseervi: a couple of other forum threads where ERPNext backup tricks/workarounds are discussed are referred to below

I hope it could be helpful.

Dear @saidsl,

Thank you so much for your help, I am working on this now :slight_smile:
But I face one dummy problem, as I use the VM, so when generate the Lets Encrypt cert, what is my sitename ? I got my domain name to access to the erpnext but no idea the sitename …


Your sitename can and would be the domain name you are using to access ERPNext

For the ssl to work you need to have a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)

Unless you are referring to the ERPNext site name and that would be under ~/frappe-bench/sites

Hope this is clear.