Manage transferring items in Warehouse to Warehouse transfer

I have a main warehouse and a store warehouse. How can I manage the transferring items?

The store warehouse will present sellable inventory.
I move items from the main warehouse to the store warehouse when needed.
It can take a few days to transfer the items.

If I create the stock entry with “Material Transfer”, the qty will add to store warehouse immediately. But the store warehouse has not received the items at the time, so the items should be counted as sellable.

Create stock entry: main: -50, store: +50 (but the store has not been received the 50 times)

Does it make sense to change warehouse structure to:

|- main warehouse
|- store warehouse
   |- in-trans warehouse
   |- sellable warehouse
Create stock entry: main: -50, in-trans: +50 (when send from main warehouse)
Create stock entry: in-trans: -50, sellable: +50 (when store warehouse received the items)

I use the version:
ERPNext: v14.0.0
Frappe Framework: v14.0.2

you can use good in transit

Thanks for your keyword.

I found the discussion here:

In version 14, I need to:

  1. Create the Warehouse with Transit type
  2. Create the Stock Entry with the option “add to in-transit” and send to Transit warehouse
  3. Click “End Transit” on the Stock Entry when received the items.
  4. In the new Stock Entry set the target warehouse from Transit warehouse to store warehouse and submit to finish.
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