Managing dates on Sales Orders

Our business is project-based. The ‘Delivery Dates’ that we add to Sales Orders often change based on project delays. Given that Sales Orders must be submitted, it makes updating these dates difficult (cancel, amend, re-submit). Has anyone else dealt with this issue? Maybe it’s possible to create a workflow that would override the Submit requirement for Sales Order to make them more flexible?

If you can customize the Sales Order in your DocType, then you can check “Allow on submit” for the field and see if it meets your requirement.

I’ve often run into scenarios like this with Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and a few other DocTypes. A few examples of things I’ve done:

  • Use the “Update Items” button to change the 'delivery_date' , at the Order Line level.
  • Create a new button named “Undo Submit” or “Reverse Submit”. When clicked, it updates the Sales/Purchase Order, and changes the docstatus back to 0.
    • Important to run validation code first. If there’s already a Delivery Note or Receipt, or an Invoice? It’s possible unsafe to enable this button.
  • As @Pawan said, customize/modify the DocType, so that the Order’s 'delivery date' has the ‘Allow on Submit’ attribute checked.

Thanks for the responses. It looks like the Due Date associated with Payment Terms in the Payment Schedule is what I’m ultimately wrestling with. I can’t configure Allow on Submit for a standard item.

Agreed, unfortunately the Customize button forbids you from using “Allow on Submit” for a standard DocType.