Managing item price based on thickness

Dear ERP next Team,
our company is selling metals and price will be managed by calculating thicknessquantityunit price but in erpnext its only possible to calculate only quantity*unit price,so how can i manage this?thanks!

By thickness do you mean weight??

@olamide_shodunke,thanks for your replay. ya we will calculate price based on length sorry example if the metal is thickness 8 mm and he wants 25 meter length and quantity 50 we will calculate 25 meter * 50 quantity * unit price so how can i insert the length here?thanks

Length or thickness? Which one?

@Not_a_countant, length!

Ok, what is the minimum length you are willing to sell? For example for the 8mm thick metal?

@Not_a_countant, 1 meter

Ok that is your unit of measure. Then the length Is the quantity. How you “pack it” or cut it is not important. If it is perphaps try the repack method. :slight_smile: