Managing notifications for multiple companies

Hello Team

I’m managing multiple companies in one instance and i would like to configure notifications for the users of these companies on submission of, for example, material request.

I have created a custom field for company in the form of Material Request.

Also, I understand that conditions can be set in the notification like

This way I can control company specific notifications.

However, I also want to set such restrictions on the roles to which these notifications are sent;

Is it possible that when the material request is submitted, it is sent only to the users having role ‘stock manager’ and access only to the comapny ‘XYZ Pvt. Ltd’? (which is set through the User Permission)

Please guide or provide an alternative approach.

Thanking you.

@Nakul_Sharma there’s not an easy way to achieve that

Maybe you should think in create some roles, to Link the position and company eg Stock Manager at XYZ Pvt Ltd or look for some backend customization.

Thanks @max_morais_dmm for the reply, I was also thinking on the same line and created new user roles.