Managing Single Customer against Multiple Leads

Need to manage a single customer against multiple Leads or Opportunity

Here my usecase is to prevent customer duplication in our customer database. Because while we create Sales Order on that time only we need customer data.

Scenario 1

  • Lead A entering CRM ,converted into Opportunity and Quotation has given Lead A accepted Quotation .
  • Sales Order to be created from Quotation,at the time we need customer to be mapped so we create customer from Lead or Opportunity.
  • Sales have been initiated for the Customer A.

Scenario 2

  • Lead with same details as Customer A enters CRM with a different name from a Facebook ads.Now the same flow will continue

    Lead->Opportunity->Quotation->Sales Order

  • This time while we create Sales Order we need to create a new customer for this lead with the same contact details(But the customer already exists for the contact)

  • Here we need to prevent the Customer duplication.

How can we handle this could anyone explain?

Might be possible using server script logic. You have to customize the _make_customer method according to the logic and scenario.

Thank You!

I don’t think there is an out of the box solve today this. By default, only 1 customer can be created from a lead.

Why do you want to link multiple leads to a single customer? If a customer is already created, you can always add additional details for the same customer and create sales orders?

Leads will be getting into CRM through Integrated facebook account, that’s why we need this feature.

Thanks for this .Will check with this and how it works