Managing Support Contracts


So we have products, serial numbers etc in ERPNext which is great.

What we do find lacking is that there is no module for Support Contracts.
We should be able to add a support contract to a serialnumber (or service).
Which has an expiry date so it can be renewed.
This Suppport Contract should also be available for invoicing.

@aairey Have a look to Warranty Claim in Support module

Thanks @JoEz, but it seems a bit limited.

As said, we would want to sell support contracts and be able to track them.
And link them to hardware (serial numbers) or a service.

So u need something like osticket?

No, not a full blown ticketing system.

Just the ability to manage a ‘support contract’ as a product that you sell to customers.
Support contracts have a set timeframe of validity.
Let’s say the customers buys 1y of support, this should be tracked somehow.

And most importantly we should be able to link this to hardware that is sold (serial numbers).
So we can see which hardware is under contract and when it expires etc.
You should also be able to create a support contract for a service/software.

Am I making any sense?


You can create a item for each support contract type , create a serial number for each contract you sell and define “warranty” period that is like a duration of you contract.
I think you could manage that without a new module. Unless you have more requirements for your business to that support contract