Managing the price of samples

I have 2 warehouse, one for finished products that go out as sales and another one that I use to keep track of all my marketing material. Some of this items are the products i sell but from this warehouse they dont go out as sold items but as samples so the can taste and try the item before they buy them (they don’t come back to me).
My question is, I want to have those items leave the warehouse with a “selling” price lower than the real selling price. How can I do that?
Is it posible to set uo a price list that differentiates between warehouses instead of clients?
What i am doing now is creating delivery notes and changing the price manually everytime, which is tedious.
Am I doing it correctly? is there a better way to deal with Samples?


I think delivery note is probably the only way to deal with this scenario currently.

One thing cleared then, but how to manage the Price of the ítems going out as samples?

Why this? If i want to give the sample away, the Price this product should have is, lets say, the cost of the product. But in this case if i have cliente “A” and i deliver to this client “X” product, the system wil assign the Price of X as-per the default selling Price list for client A. That’s my inconvinient, I would like the system to take a different Price depending on the warehouse. Is that posible? Is there a workaround I should know of?

You could try using discount and see if it solves your purpose

Hi everyone! @pugalde why not setting another pricelist for samples? When you will create your Delivery Note, you can actually change the default pricelist for the transaction:

It is then in your discretion to create a validation script to change the default if you “tick” something to tag the transaction as samples. But this is only applicable if your transaction is solely delivery for samples since all items under this transaction will get prices from your “Sample” pricelist.

if you wanted the pricing to be item specific, you can use pricing rules. Please see here link

Hope this helps!