Manfacturing Module

We need a solution in the Manufacturing Module for the following scenario:

Raw material is transferred from one warehouse to another, where it is partially produced and then moved further. We want to track both raw material and finished goods inventory. Note: I ran this process via a job card, but the remaining quantity was recorded as a loss.

please provide solution

@Kashif_Rehman ,

The partially produced goods will be categorized as WIP.
So you have to transfer stock from warehouse to wip wh and then from wip wh to fin goods wh, through this way, we can keep a record of rw, wip and fg.

Please do check the same.

Thanks & Regards.

Before submitting the Job Card, change the “Qty To Manufacture” to match the “Completed Qty” for auto-created Job Cards from Work Orders.

Thanks for reply but what about remaining quantity showing as loss

We planned to make 100 units but finished only 50 units. The ERP shows the remaining 50 units as process loss. We need to update the quantity to manufacture to reflect this.