Manual Code without series


can i create an doc with name that i defined it manually not using series?


You can change the naming to “prompt” from customize form.


Thanks for quick response, but idint know what you mean?.. i go to doctype and customize form and i didnt see that option , can you explain more ?



I am also interested in this option. OR even better, I’d like my PO and SO to have the same numbers (except for the prefix).

Ex: my PO is PO-00154, I’d like my SO to be SO-00154

Any way to do this?

Thanks !

Ok, I found the solution:

Go to Core > DocType > Open the DocType > There a section “Naming” > change Auto Name to “Prompt”

Another question: is there a way to put a prefix by default? For instance all my POs are named POA-YY-####. Can I allow the user only to enter the number and automatically set the POA-YY- ?

Thanks for your help