Manual Custom List SMS

I want to add a custom sms list options in sms center. Currently by default there are :
All Contact
All Customer Contact
All Supplier Contact
All Sales Partner Contact
All Lead (Open)
All Employee (Active)
All Sales Person

What I want is create a manual custom list by myself and set that for sending data to that category.
Any help would be appreciated


Any suggestions or alternate way for sending Custom Service Group SMS’s

Dear @nikzz
Have you got any solution for Manual Custom List SMS ?

Anybody please assist me to create my own receiver list at sms center
(Example:-) In Education module, i would like to send sms to all Guardian list ?

What is the steps to do ?

i’m using custom script for doing so, passing the parameters(objects) of SMS Center

Hi @eitadmin,

Any success? Request you to kindly share the knowledge .

Can you share your implementation?