Manual Employee IDs

Hi Team,

Do we have any option to put Manual Employee IDS instead of Series generated by the software.

We are implementing the ERP now. Don’t want to have previously resigned employees entry in the system.

This is not possible with automatically generated Employee IDs. Do we have an option to do this ?


sure, you can do little cuztomization on this… just change the naming series in the employee doctype.

ERPNext Implementor

User can save the Employee entry by two ways . Which are

  1. Naming Series
  2. Employee Number -Here user can manually enter employee id .


  1. Go to HR Module->HR Settings
  2. Select ‘Employee Number’ in ‘Employee Records to be created by’ field.
    After this setting , ‘Employee Number’ field will display on ‘Employee’ form.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


I have selected Employee Number in Employee Record and Employee Number is now displaying on the Employee Form.
I have changed the Employee Number from HR-EMP-00001 to HR-EMP-00304 and the record is saved and when I go back, t is still there. :+1:

However, I notice in the list view of employees within the name column it still shows HR-EMP-00001.

Does the database need rebuilding or have I missed a step?



I worked it out, you recreate the employee :+1: