Manual entry of Sales Invoice Number

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Can I enter a custom Invoice number while creating a Sales Invoice ?

Sure, just create a custom field and mark it mandatory (and probably also unique).

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Yes, I have done it.

But is it possible that we can get the next invoice number automatically in that customer field?


Do you want to create your own Naming Series? If yes, you can set up the same in the “Naming Series” doctype.

Go to Naming Series > Select doctype as “Sales Invoice” and add your own series.

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I have created a new naming series but it starts from ABC/2020-21/001, I want to continue the series number from QuickBooks

let’s say in QuickBooks I generated the last invoice number ABC/2020-21/010 and I want to continue from ABC/2020-21/011 in ERPNEXT so for that, I have created a custom field for Invoice number and I want to get next Invoice number in the custom Invoice number field.


In Naming Series, scroll down to the bottom, select the prefix and then set the number to 11.

Update the naming series.

Hope this helps.