Manual Exchange rates

We are a seller in the UK, so our currency is GBP. Many of our customers in in Europe so when we add them we select EUR for their currency

When we create a quote / sales order for them our GBP prices from the price list as automactically converted to EUR - Brilliant

We are on the hosted cloud solution

Now, the questions.
Where do the rates come from? How / when are they updated?
If I set up a line the exchange rate section does that override the automatic rates?

@Ron_Taylor manual exchange rate will always override

Automatic rates are from

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Brilliant. Thanks

Unfortunately the manual exchange rate does not over ride the automatic one

Any ideas?

Can anyone offer advice on this please?

There’s a currency exchange master. You can create the exchange rates manually.

Is that not what I have done (see images above). I have created the manual exchange rate and shown that it does not work. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?