Manual/Wiki Pages

I have been using ERPNext for an year now. It is a powerful and solid platform. However at times it is difficult to figure out how to do things as they are not in manual although the platform is capable of doing it. Forums are helpful but have information which is very scattered. Lot of times people figure out things with help or themselves after trail and error. If we have an online wiki/manual, wherein people can put in the what they have learnt in an organised way, it will be helpful.



Awesome, please share them with us on the forum. We will add them to

We if you want to do this regularly, we can also make you a user!

Thanks for the reply. I have checked the knowledge base. It is interesting and nice and a good place to start sharing the experiences and procedures. I will love to contribute to the same and if you can provide login credentials it will be nice.
However having said that, what I was talking about was something more structured like a manual. There are two advantages of this:

  1. The users know where they have to look for to find an answer. For example if I want to generate a custom report for accounts which uses python/sql, I will look under customization and reports and find how do that. Merely saying that refer to this code in the manual does not help. There has to be an explanation also on what is being done and what is being achieved by that.
  2. It becomes a guide book to show the potential customers what can be done and what is the power of the system. Instead of customer saying, can this be done to Oh! this also can be done makes a difference in buying decisions.


This is still WIP though.