Manually select series for docs

Is it possible to have the system to manage the series automatically (as it does right now), but also have an option for the users to enter the series manually if they want to, as long as does not conflict with any number given before? The scenario we are trying to resolve is to allocate a few series at the end of the month as “spare”, so in case an invoice comes in, we can manually use one of the spare spaces reserved that matches the number in the physical invoice. This is handy for us as some customers do that from time to time. Also, in case we need to cancel something and then delete the document that had series 12, but the next consecutive number is 18, we want to delete # 12 and be able to generate an invoice and use #12 instead of 19. I hope this makes sense. Thank you.

Go to the awesome bar and search for naming series. Scroll down to update series. Select the particular series and let’s say on the last day of the month you have reached SINV-00123 as the invoice number and you want the next invoice number to be SINV-00126 and you want to keep aside 124 and 125. Then select Select SINV as the series and the 123 number should display. Change that to 125 (N-1) and click update series number.

The next invoice you cut will be SINV-00126. Now let’s say you do a few invoices, and you want to go back and cut SINV-00124, now go back to Naming Series>Update Series, select SINV and change the number to 00123. Now you will cut 124, but if the next invoice you want is not 125, then right after you cut this invoice number, you need to update series number back to, say 129.

It’s messy. The person that does this needs to have admin access. If somebody else cuts a normal invoice, while you are cutting 00124, that invoice will get this number. Which means you have to ask everybody to stop making that particular transaction.

If this is very important for your business, add a custom field and maintain your Invoice Series there. Use HTML print formats to ensure that you pull the Custom Series Number and not the ERPNext default series number.

But if you do that, your organization could get all confused.

There are no easy solutions, you have to pick the solution that is least messy for your organization.

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Thank you very much Jay. It makes perfect sense for me, so now I will implement the first option and change the series (1 person) so we don’t mess up. Thanks again.

Another easier way, actually I should have thought of this first is to save a few transactions in the draft mode. You can always comeback and change those draft transactions. And it it doesn’t get used, it doesn’t matter, because draft transactions don’t hit your book of accounts anyways.

Hope this helps.



This makes even more sense… I can create a “spare customer” and allocate a few invoices in draft. Thank you very much!