Manufactoring with nulti-level BOMs

Good day all

I have bumped my head against something and after trying a second time I have to admit that
I msut be doing something wrong.

I have a multi-level BOM setup where a product is made up of items and of sub-assemblies.

The diagram looks as follows

If I manufacture the sub-assembly on its own with a Material-request (manufacture)
everything works fine. I can trace the transfer from the stores to the WIP to the modules-store.

When I compile the BOM for the product, it seems to expand the sub-assembly item reuiqrements to 4 which I am expecting.

The problem comes in when I do a Material request ( manufacture) for 1 of the product and it then generates the work order. When I “start” and the 2 x job-cards are generated, it only requests 1 of the sub-assemblies to be made. When I manually change the QTY to be manufactured on teh job-card from “1” to “4” it completes “4” but then when I SUBMIT, the
error is that the manufactured QTY is more than the requested QTY.

I have tried this twice to see if I am not missing a field somewhere that I have to specify the 4 must be anufactured of the sub-assembly.

Does soemone have a pointer of what I am missing?

Good day all

I don’t have an answer to exactly the question that I posted as above, but there is a way to do this

When you generate the BOM for PRODUCT ( as in the diagram further up ), you specify ITEM1, ITEM2 and MODULE.

When you generate the work order, there is a tick button USE MULTI LEVEL BOM.
IF it is ticked, the work order will show under "ITEMS’… ITEM1, ITEM2,ITEM3,ITEM4.
In other words, it uses the BOM for MODULE.
If it is un-ticked it will show under ITEMS … ITEM1,ITEM2,MODULE.
In other words it does not use the BOM for MODULE.

So I would have to initiate a separate WORK ORDER to make MODULE ( 4 off them ) and place that in another warehouse called Module-warehouse. Then , if I untick MULTI LEVEL BOMs in my work order for PRODUCT, it will use ITEM1 and ITEM2 from STORES and MODULE from Module-warehouse to make PRODUCT.

In my application
It doesn’t matter if a Drone is a quad-copter or a Hexa-copter. The “Leg-module” stays the same. And I would prefer to make the leg-modules beforehand and have them available in a store.

So this is not really a solution for the problem I posted initially, but it is the way that I would like to handle this production cycle anyway.

If someone has a beter solution ( to use multi-level BOMs) please let us know. I did find a setting under Manufacturing settings which may solve the original problem, I must test it and I will update with the result of that test.