Manufacture transaction in Stock Entry

Dear Sirs/Madams,

we are implementing erpnext in one of the Mining company and we knew that the manufacturing module in erpnext doesnot suit for mining companies. To capture the mine(products) available in inventory we have decided to make stock entry via manufacture, the transaction cycle runs successfully for updating only quantity in inventory and whereas the value part is not. therefore; i request if anyone has some comments here.

thanks you all in advance

can you give an example?

mike krol

Dear Mike,

thanks for your suggestion,

to site one example:
mining item: coal.
since manufacturing module does not work in mining companies, i am taking the coal stock directly into inventory.
i go to stock module, stock entry and then select transaction as manufacture.
here i select the coal as item, put qty and rate. when i save and submit the transaction, it updates correctly the quantity but not the value. therefore if you can suggest the problem why its not updating value.

thank you