Manufacture Workflow

I’m using ERP Next for my manufacturing company. But I don’t understand the workflow for my company. I’m describing my business, then please suggest to me the steps needed for me.
I’m selling brick. For this, I have to purchase Cement, sand from multiple suppliers. I have to calculate the cost for brick making. Suppose for some types of brick I need 1:3 cement and sand, for some need 1:1 cement and sand. The cost also depends on this. Suppose I have to spent $2 for cement and $1 for sand to make a brick and sell it for $5. And for some brick cost is $3 and $1 and sell $7. So what steps should I follow to make them perfectly workable?
First Create Item>Item selling Price
Second Create Buying Item
Then Stock entry etc
Just tell me the steps what should I do one by one.
Please help me out!

Click on the Manufacturing Domain.
Make a BOM for the brick.
The BOM is like a recipe where you specify much many bricks you can produce using the specific qty of items as ingredients.
You can define Work Order or Production plan so that you can schedule your production.