Manufacturer and Manufacturer Part Numbers

Hi there, our company tracks Manufacturers and Manufacturer Part Numbers as well as Suppliers (Vendors) and Supplier Part Numbers (Vendor Part Numbers).

These do not seem to be implemented OOTB with ERPNext … am I missing something? What is the best way to implement these?


Can someone help me customize our ITEM page to include a child table with Manufacturer Part Numbers?


If each Item has one manufacturer, but can be purchased from multiple vendors:

Click on Item icon on the desktop
click New, upper right corner
Edit Full Page, at bottom of dialog box
Scroll down to Supplier Details.

You can Enter Manufacturers part number for the item , as well an Item Code for each supplier.

Hope this helps.

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We have various parts that have multiple manufacturers, with multiple manufacturer part numbers.

We assign an internal part number (“DPN”).

So, for example, for our part number DPN100, it could be made by ManufacturerA with part number MA100, MA101, MA102; ManufacturerB with part number MB786, MB787, MB889, and Manufacturer C with part number ZZZX1.

These are often little tiny things like electrolytic capacitors for which various different capacitors will all be within spec. Due to outages, shortages, and shipping delays, which are all very frequent in this industry, it is necessary to be flexible and able to build one of our products at a moment’s notice from what we have on hand…and to be able to keep these things straight when we are ordering parts to have on hand.

I think you need to add an item for each manufacturer’s item , MA100, MA101 etc. Then update the BOM for your item as component availability requires. See if the BOM Update Tool will help. This new thread might also be helpful:

isn’t that what you need?

In my eyes the distinction between Supplier vs Manufacturer may be a bit misleading. I believe Manufacturer is a Supplier in the logic of ERPNext.
(Can’t really say what the field Manufacturer on the item form (Supplier Details Section) is meant to be for though and I could imagine it can just be ignored)

What we need is this Manufacturer Part Number table from this github item: Manufacturer childtable by dottenbr · Pull Request #8134 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

We rarely purchase products directly through the manufacturer and can purchase the same MFG/MPN from multiple suppliers.

In our current system, we only have the MFG/MPN’s only up in the supplier table, and we end up with table like this.

While this is fine for the supplier table, the problem is when printing BOM’s (and/or other reports) we end up with a lot of redundancies with the same MFG/MPN displaying several times.

To properly print reports, we need to have separate tables for MFG/MPN’s and Supplier Price List. Can this be accomplished in ERPNext?

the PR u reference to has been merged into the develop branch (which is the regular method of adding new functionality) March 2017 @randersen. So we’d try to figure out how it apparently has not found it’s way into the current stable version (v10, v11) of ERPNext yet.

I have revived the issue and PR on github in order to find this out as well

EDIT looks a bit as if that merge didn’t go through somehow. Let’s see whether reviving the github issue and PR leads to anything

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Wow, @vrms thanks for checking! We are still working on our evaluation of ERPNext and we would love to solve this, as it is a major issue for our organization.


more comments on the github issue would probably help to get attention to the matter

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I’m heading there next! :grin:

why not separate supplier and manufacturer table?

that’s what the PR in question above is attempting to do I think.

@randersen @deltamotion @AbdalAliy … another way (actually the promoted one) to raise attention to a github issue is ‘upvoting’ it, as described here [Tutorial] How to upvote Github issues for non developers - #3 by Basawaraj_Savalagi

How about this?

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Yeah… Looks like a bunch of changes were reverted.

Supplier and Manufacturer are not equivalent, and cannot be substituted for one another. Most purchasing, in our industry, is from Suppliers where you can purchase items from many different manufacturers…

So we need both Suppliers and Manufacturers, as child tables, in our use case.

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I agree.
How to raise the same problem again?

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Hoping to get some movement on this…! :slight_smile:

Linked over on GitHub: Manufacturer childtable by dottenbr · Pull Request #8134 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub