Manufacturer that Dropships for other companies

Greetings ERPNext world!

Have a question about which way would be the best way to handle an issue . . .

We manufacture and drop ship for 3rd party companies. We have to keep track of the “customer” (which is actually the store), but we also have to have the name, address,etc. of the store’s customer to ship to.


Lowes sends us 200 orders that go to 200 different customers.
Home Depot sends us 300 orders with 300 different customers.

We have 500 Names and addresses to ship to.

We need to know which ones are Lowes and which ones are Home Depot’s.

But we have to have the names and addresses of the people we ship to.

How would we set that up?

Thank you!

One other thing . . .

We couldn’t possibly enter these orders by hand. We currently import using a spreadsheet. Would like to be able to do the same with ERPNext.

Are you based in the U.S.A. - we are a USA based service provider and we’d love to help :slight_smile:

there are a few good solutions

I actually have a few other problems as well.

How many problems can you fix??? : )

Here is the list in order of importance:

  1. Need a virtual inventory calculation based on multi-level BOM’s. This report needs to be in a CSV report that has 2 columns: SKU, Virtual QTY

The report needs to be calculated and automatically emailed 3 times a day.

  1. Total pick lists based on multiple sales orders divided into categories.

EX: 30 sales orders:

       These sales orders generate 3 pick lists:

                 1.  Finished products
                  2.  Sub assemblies that can be made into finished products
                  3.  Raw materials that need to be cut, then made into finished products

The pick lists are generated based off of the above heirarchy. In other words, pick the finished products first, then the sub assemblies, then if need be, the raw materials.

Once the items have been picked, click a button, and have them take out of inventory.

  1. Multiple sales order products included in 1 work order

        We might have 30 sales orders that would include the same raw material.
         We would like 1 work order per raw material - not 30 work orders.
  2. Pick lists with images : )

  3. Labels

     We need labels for by products and quantities of raw material and finished products.
     After a work order is complete, we need labels printed of the following:
     1.     the raw material sku and the qty that is left
      2.     the by-product skus and names
      3.     the finished product sku and name

All of these :slight_smile:

Most of them have to do with custom fields / types