Manufacturing Bakery

We would like to Implement ERP next for our Bakery … I couldnt’t sort out the following issues.
1.We are purchasing chocolate in Kgs & creams Kgs from supplier
2. Using Both we make chocolate pieces
3.After that we put stylish wrap and Stylish Container and sells.

My 1st issue is that our product always depends on the container shape & size… And everytime we purchase different type of containers … Should i need to make BOM foe each item … Because all this containers are costly and i need to gets out its cost along with the chocolate cost …
2. when i go to pos … it should show only the item which i manufactured … But now it shows all the item including what i purchased

Ok I will tackle your 2nd item first because it is pretty easy to explain.

  • Type Item in the Awesome Bar and select “Item List” from the drop down list.
  • Select one of your items that you purchase for manufacturing and do NOT sell to the public.
  • Scroll down the item until you get to “Sales Details” heading and open that part of the item display.
  • In the Sales Details section make sure to delete the check mark in the “Is Sales Item” box. It should look like this:

Then just save the record. Do this for all of the items that you want to hide from POS. Once you have them all un-checked and saved, remember to click on your user id at the top right of the screen and select “Reload” from the menu.

Now when you open POS your manufacturing items will not be displayed.

Hope this helps


Ok, this one is takes a little more thinking and preparation. There are a few ways to go about this and it depends on exactly how you sell your boxed treats. If you are not selling them by the gram (or kg) but instead are selling all of the ones in the same style box for the same price, then YES you will need a different BOM for each style container.

However, the better way to do this might be to make a BOM for just the treat without wrappers and boxes. This will allow you to issue production orders for batches of your chocolate and stock it separately in ERPNext. In this way you can track your cost of manufacturing the chocolate as a separate function of the finished item (with wrapping and boxes).

The next step is to create BOMs for the boxed items. This BOM will draw the chocolate items from inventory as well as the wrappers, boxes, etc. This will keep the packaging part of the process from confusing the baking part. The accounting will pull the chocolate from inventory at your designated chocolate manufacturing cost and add that to the cost of the packaging for the total cost of the finished item.

It the above scenario, you will only need one BOM for the baked chocolate that allows you to track those costs separately from the the packaging costs. The other multiple BOMs for the finished items are then much easier to manage.

This means issuing separate production orders for the chocolate and for the finished items. Maybe a little extra paperwork, but much easier to keep straight.

This way also allows you to sell the baked chocolate by the kg without wrappers and boxes if you wish because you will know the manufacturing costs for just the baked part and you can better set retail pricing.

Hope this helps



Thank You

Greetings @Hari_Das

Will you be able to share your experience of using ERPNext here so that we can all benefit from what has transpired afterwards?

It could well be a showcase for service providers to show to other clients.