Manufacturing Cycle

Hi can someone help me with manufacturing cycle . I am working on V.12.
Is it only BOM > Production Planning Tool > Work Order > Material Issue if not then please help me with the correct one

Does BOM stand for buying of material ? if so is same as Material Request.

Please review the document and come back with more specific questions,

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Hey I did my work as per your advise and it worked out be fine :slight_smile:
.Though the data which was generated on the printing page was not in a tabulated format.Could you please give me a lead for the same .IMy requirement is to generate a sales in voice in the format given below “actual_invoice”
Please find the screen shots attached as below.Q2|690x387!

Attaching screenshot of invoice

Attaching screenshot of the the invoice that is be generated in the tabulated format .I also want to ask if I have to code in jinga to get such an invoice?

Given your example, you probably have to.

ERPNext does however offer lots of customisation. To see this. do the following

  • Create a new invoice
  • Click the print icon
  • Click the “Customize” button
  • On the next page, make changes as you see fit
  • Click save
  • go back to your invoice and refresh

Thank for the reply .
Are you saying yes to jinga coding ? I am sorry I could not get it ,Hence asking again

That is correct.

I did however, pass on additional information to help you get started. See how far you can go with the built it customisation tools before changing the code.
( Sometimes it is easier to change the user’s mind than to change the system :wink: )

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Sure will start with drag and drop first .Will let you know the result .Thanks !

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hey things are going fine so far…except one little query.What field can be replaced and named as MRP

The case is that the manufacturer wants the price to be printed on the goods that go to market.So that no middle man changes the price hence the end user i.e.the customer ends up paying less money. Is “STANDARD SELLING PRICE equavalent to MRP”