Manufacturing different to Work Order

I am new to ERPNext and I understand that I may be asking the system to do something it cannot. As I understand it, our designers create a project with several Items on it, some of which have a bill of materials as they are fabrication items. My problem is that in our business, sometimes either the design changes or the estimation of materials required for a job changes so I need a way to be able to change the BOM as the job progresses. the two issues I have are:- 1. the final price to the client cannot change after the quote is issued so any change must be for our information only, not changing the sales order or anything downstream of that. 2. We need to be able to track and compare how adrift the actual production was versus what we quoted for as thats vital information for making sure it doesn’t happen again.

In addition, we often have projects that are totally organic so start with a small production and end up having had numerous things added to it including purchases etc. How is that best implemented.

Many thanks for all the help, this will either make or break our use of this system as we much be able to do this on a project by project basis


@ijmunro69 welcome to the forum

BOMs will help you standardize in the long run, you can easily create duplicate BOMs (Menu > Duplicate) for similar items.

BOM changes do not lead to price changes.

For tracking material, you can just use Stock Entry without making BOMs

Thanks rmehta!
I understand the concept of duplicate BOMs and am happy that I can track material in the store but wha tI am trying to track is materials used on a particular job. If I think I am going to use 4 lengths of timer and two sheets of 9mm plus 10 hours of a fabricators time and I end up using 6 lengths, 3 sheets and 20 hours of time because the design didn’t work the way we thought or he built it worng the first time and had to scrap the first attempt, how do I track that within the project so I can see what profit or loss we made on manufacturing that one item?