Manufacturing doubt

Hi friends!

I’m trying to understand a big picture of how can I use completely the Manufacturing module, even using it without all the steps.

Let me try to explain a little my process: I run a biotech factory, and we are using some of ERPNext, most the Buying module. My process is quite simple:

I don’t want to associate these steps with any Sales movement, for now (Make-to-Stock) , and also, for this moment, I don’t need to assign benches/workstations,

Can I use the ERPNext like this flow?


The link with the project exists because I use it to manage my R&D process.

There is some other better way to do it?

This sounds about right for an R&D project according to me.
You can create a Project and record various things against it like Timesheets, Purchase etc.


You will definitely need a BOM. You do the BOM as that is your basic control mechanism. Then you put in a Material Request for the BOM. You procure the bought out materials. When the material arrives, you put in a Material Request - Stock Transfer and Transfer it into a Project Specific warehouse (that’s what I’d suggest you do). Now from this, you can do a direct Stock Entry Purpose: Manufacture, use the BOM and pass the manufacturing entry.

That’s what I’d do till the R&D is complete and you are ready to roll with specific products. Once you have a production line, a Production Plan, Work Order all of that may make more sense.

However, in an R&D scenario, things keep changing. Perhaps even after you have procured the materials. Now, your challenge would be how do you procure the delta between the Ver 2 or a BOM and Ver 1. Let’s say your initial BOM needed Items A, B & C. You went ahead and procured these. Then realized that D works better than C. Now you make a BOM for A, B & D. But you already have A & B.

I’m thinking that you need to worry more about these complexities to ensure that you are on top of things.

We have addressed the Made to Order industry (and till your R&D becomes products you can mass produce, your rhythms will resemble the Made to Order industry), plus we work with an organization in the R&D space, so if you are looking at working with a service provider, we’d love to show you what we can do. Apologies for the plug. :slight_smile:



Thanks for your help.

No problem with the plug! :slight_smile:

I would love to have a support contracted, at least to implement and adapt the process, but what worries me right now is the exchange rate. With the dollar at R $ 6 (a little while ago, it was already high at R $ 3.5), this prevents any expenses that have to be paid in dollars.

Thanks again!