Manufacturing Feature: Add Assembly/Disassembly in BOM

Hi Team,

I have sugestion in Bill Of Material Feature…
As you know now traditional BOM approach are to add RM items needed fro production to create a new FG.
so it work by logic of A + B + C + D = E

However there are some factories that do not assembly their RM, However they dis-assembly their RM
Such industry needed reverse BOM (dis-assembly BOM).
Lets say Plywood processing Factory would create 10 plywood sheets and scrap from 1 wood log.
Fish Processing Factory would create 10 sashimi slices from one big salmon with bones+head as scrap or byproduct.

So I think this would be a good feature for ERPNEXT as you can have BOM and Reverse BOM for
more manufacturing process.

@rushabh_mehta and @JayRam, Sir what do you think of this? Can this be added to generic?

Thanks and looking forward for your opinion.

Hello Anton,

Thanks for explaining your query. Currently in the ERPNext, you can manage this scenario using Stock Entry > Repack. Check following link to learn more.

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Hi Umair,

Thank you for your reply,

Yes right now we are doing it with STE- Repack function for the production
process, its a convinient tool for production, i like it.

The problem arise when we want to make disasembly bom,
there are no stock value calculation with ste-repack function, or if there
are, then the values would be not correct.

lets say we have traditional BOM function to add A + B + C = D

200 + 100+ 100 = 400

inside the BOM.

However when the “reverse" function happen, we have to adjust STE- Repack
Manually as the stock valuation often not showing correct calculation

also lets say on “dis-assemble” production site,

lets say: 1 Log = 10 Plywood + 10 Byproduct
100 USD = 10 x 9 USD + 10 x 1 USD

in this case not all item will have same values.

Value in = 1 item = 100 usd then value out can be 15 item out but 100 USD

sometimes we have to adjust in STE manually.

Sometimes product produced will have different values from the Raw material
Raw material creates more than 1 FG that you have to adjust its values in
the stock entry many times.
This could be difficult if the operators are not experienced in STE. as
they would most likely ajdust the qty but not the values.
i had several cases they forgot to adjust values of FG, making all the
differences goes to Stock adjustment account.

if we can make automation in BOM then it would be good…

Just some idea…



I have the same problem. Have you found a solution for this?


As i know we still doing this manually, you can make your new module “BOM” for this but not from the standard features

Sorry for late reply

In process manufacturing, we cannot have fix formula of raw materials used to produce certain items… In this case you cannot use current BOM feature…

You can add some scripts to current repack functions to spread materials costs into produced items value… So user only mention qty not the value