Manufacturing guidance please

How to allow for over and under production

I have raised a production order for 50 u-bolts. We are not working with time sheets or planning etc

So prodution order made. U-bolts made. I come to the prodction order and click Finish

Scenario 1: We have made 51 not 50 but the box will not allow me to enter 51, it says 50 max. So how to allow over production?

I tried the setting here but it does not make a differnece

Scenario 2: Under production - we have only made 49 not 50

I can enter the 49 and stocks and material are adjsuted correctly, but the job remains open as it still wants 1 more to be made

I can change the status to “Stopped”

But is is still classed as in progress

So looking for correct / best procedures for dealing with under and over production


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The label says Over Production Allowance Percentage, make it more than 100 to allow over production.

Thanks for the reply, but that makes no difference.

In (my) theory, making that 100 % over production means you should be able to make twice as many. However I have tried setting it at 200% and still the mximum allowed is the original number

Over Production Allowance Percentage is applicable only in case of Sales Order. It lets you select qty more than ordered in Sales Order in “Qty To Manufacture” field.

Yes, just seen that. So the questions remain open how to under and over produce

Can anyone help how we can allow under and over production when using a direct production order?

Possibly you could use Stock Entry to account for adjustments needed related to Over/Under Production and have a custom field in the Stock Entry which refers to the Production Order for reporting purposes.

Once you are done with the Stock Entry maybe you could mark the production Order as Finished.

Yes, we can look at manual stock entries. But it seems inelegant. I am suprised we are the only ones that do under and over production.

The problem is that marking the production order as finished when there is an under production still leaves the job open

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Ron: Interesting topic. This assumes that you have transferred raw material for 50 Bolts but because of the nature of the manufacturing process, you may end up with more or less than what was intended to be produced. Are you starting with a BoM?

I agree we need to add this more elegantly, but till we plan a grand upgrade to the manufacturing module would this approach be acceptable?

  1. You were to complete the production quantities as directed by the Production Order.
    2 Then do a stock entry purpose Material Issue (for under production) or Material Receipt (for over production

You can add custom fields for Production Order and capture which Production Order the entry is correcting.

Then when you run a report on the Production Orders, if you can pull all these entries, it should give you a sense of what is happening.

For the more elegant solution, let me try and get a sense of what are the variables of production that lead to under or over production:

Raw Material Batch or Serial Number or Supplier
Tool or Die that is used
Other parameters - Machine Breakdown, Power cut or fluctuation, etc.

If this doesn’t work and you want an elegant solution right away, please say so. A lot of my clients do under/over production. It’s just that they have not reached your level of sophistication in tracking production orders on ERPNext yet.



Apologies I didn’t address the under production. However, if you have used a BoM and transfered the BoM quantity for production and still come up short (or over), not sure of the implications from a raw material planning and consumption perspective about how to allow this.

Maybe if you don’t associate the Production Order with a BoM, you maybe able to do all of this. I will do a quick pilot and let you know by Monday.



Thanks for the reply

We are keeping things very simple and are not using operations, timesheets etc.

We manufacture U-bolts. The raw bar comes in 3 meter legnths. We have the UOM as meters. Each u-bolt will use a different length of bar. So the length of bar for U-bolt size 1 is 0.125 meters

If we need to make 100 the guys will take 12 meters (4 lengths) off the shelf and that will make 96 ubolts. Not worth the time and effort to get another bar, and as these are jut for stock, then actual number manufactured is not too critical.

SO ithought, no problem, when we “Finish” the job we can say we made 96 and ERP will sort out the stocks etc. This works for under - but the production order is left in the “open” state. Even if we change the status to “stopped” it still says “open” on some reports

And of course we cannot over produce

But with your ideas, what we will do for now is actually “finish” the job with the correct number (100) then make a stock entry of -4 of the finish product with notes as to why. Raw materials stocks will be slightly out, but not worth to much hassle as with our processes they are never perfect anyway

At least then we can mark production as “Finished” and clear it off the system

Great Ron. Will loop you in as we evolve the Manufacturing module.



We use ERPNext for food industry. It is understandable for our opperations to have gain or loss in the amount of finished goods we end up with, even with the “same amount” of raw materials consumed (we can have net weight variations, operation losses, etc). We do work with BOM’s.

For us, the best way to address this would be to be able to modify the output number in the manufacture stock entry. This way, costs will be assigned correctly to each piece of finished goods.

If we make manual adjustments: the manually added items will wave 0 cost and the “manufactures” items will not reflect the actual gains or losses in its cost.

I think this issue should be common to most “manufacturing” users. I hope on the new version it can be sorted out.

Best regards!

Hi @JayRam, @Ron_Taylor .

Is there any news on this topic.

I’ve seen that a new option has been created in the Manufacturing Seettings: "Overproduction Percentage For Work Order.

It sounds as if it is the solution we need. But I’ve played around by putting some values on that field and creating/finishing Work orders and it seems like there is no effect.

Any guidance? Have you found any solution?