Manufacturing individual Items

Hello ERPNext community,

I’m currently looking for a best practice for manufacturing individual Items. E.g our Customers are free to choose any dimensions of our various items, so most of our items we deliver are unique. Based on the dimensions, different amounts of material is used. All information on customizations is included in our article codes.

There is no way, we can add Items in every possible way, so my Idea was like this:

  1. Receiving a customer order
  2. A custom Script creates a BOM for every position with the Material needed
  3. Create a work order to manufacture the ordered Item

I feel like this is just a workaround and BOMs are more supposed to work for a large amount of stock items and not for individual items like I need it.

Any suggestions for my case?

Thanks in advance!

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I would add dimensions to Sales Order Items. That way, we can store all the relevant information about the manufacturing.
Best you can handle without scripting is create a default BOM and then dupliate that BOM and customize it for your sales orders. There has been some discussions about Template BOMs which then you can create BOMs based on the sales order on the fly.

@TurkerTunali do you mean accounting dimensions?

Thank you for your answer.

item dimensions (length and width) is only one variant of an Item. Every Item is also customizable in color and some other options which leads to about variants for each item. I guess it is not possible to create each one in erpnext. I need a solution for creating a BOM from individual customer orders.

It is absolutely possible, but a little bit scripting you can create BOMs for each order.

No, item dimensions. (LxWxH)