Manufacturing Locations

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Am trying to setup ERPNEXT for a small manufacturing company.The company has two branches in location A and B. They have been manufacturing from location A but now plans to start manufacturing similar products from location B too.This means that both locations will have different Finished Goods warehouses. and will be selling from individual warehouses too.


  1. Since item is shared between the branches, how do we configure purchases to determine whether the stock increase is affected in Location A or B raw material store?
  2. How do we create a BOM for Location B only?


My small suggestion. why not create two companies in Erpnext and manage it as two separate entities since both locations has got separate warehouses. you can create BOM for respected brances/companies. there is intercompany invoices, intercompany journals etc to manage both entities… don’t know whether it will be suitable for your scenario.

Hi Muqthar,

Thanks for reply. I had initially done this but I got a challenge while purchasing raw material.Item is shared in both companies and I think by default its goes to initial company.


This might help you

Hi Ushashmi,

Thanks lemmi look at it