Manufacturing Module Initial Meeting

Hi All Manufacturing Module Volunteers and would-be volunteers! We had a meeting yesterday with the following participants:

Kanchan Chauhan @KanchanChauhan
Hector Trejo @hectortm
Doridel Cahanap @creamdory
Suhendri Wijaya @hokgt
Jay Ram @JayRam

We have talked about the following:

  • Self Introduction

  • Official communication Channel

  • Roadmap

    1. Gathering of Issues and Feature Request for the Module Improvement through filling up a spreedsheet in a shared google docs file here.
    2. Consolidate the gathered data and identify priorities.
    3. Divide requirements into Milestones/Parts based on Priorities and coordinate with the Frappe team on scheduling.
    4. Gather more volunteers for headcounts of manpower.
    5. Do future code sprints and brainstorm sessions for design and development.
  • Meeting Schedule
    Next meeting schedule will be decided via Telegram discussion.

Calling all out there who have the passion and willingness to dedicate their time in improving the Manufacturing Module! Please feel free to approach and send PM to any of the following persons above. See you in our next meetings!