Manufacturing module suggestions to mature it more


Kindly Provide your suggestions / expert opinion to mature ERPNext Manufacturing Module more. Your contribution would be appreciated.


  • Managing a 20 level of BoMs for a single product is cumbersome.
    If you have a typo in the middle you need to recreate entire thing.

  • Customers are looking ways to manage BoMs without submitting it.

I know there is a “Multi Level BoM Editor” which is being developed but I am not sure how that affect the situation.

I think BoM is a master record not a transaction so it should act like that. Some ERP systems, embed all the BoM information in the Work Order record, so you can change the BoM whenever you want.

I think, the current situation and an easier way to change the BoM should be a parametric setting in the manufacturing module.

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@TurkerTunali You are right that the BOM is a standard document and existing BOM should be editable rather than creating a new one…to create production order.

However there are also other features that are considerable:

There are a few systems that also have %cost weightage option to charge raw material cost the items manufactured. Moreover the option for adding additional cost/unit is also excellent (png1)

Although ERPNext is one of the best solution and even remarkable… yet as the industry norms change we also consider them.

With respect to Work order: I think there should be a (single) centralized work order for an item to manufacture (Finished Good), For semi finished items there should be production order (as job card) linked with BOM.

In this way the quantity and cost of semi finished items can be watched with a singal look.

Hi Naveed1,
what we are missing … “single jobcards” (no idea how to call that …, which we can handover to the choosen workers, including the operations descriptions e.g. … until now we are using a parallel system/software, to print out kanban cards (one side operation instructions, other side values (how much to produce, when to start, where to get, etc.)
The prepared cards are hanging in our production area, every worker is taking card by card and bring it back after finising the single job/operation …

But I have to admit, I’m not sure, how many companies are working like this…so I’m not sure if this is a helpful suggestion/idea.

Also the “start/stop”->“Counting time” functionality… how many are using that on this way …?

  1. Making BOM
  2. getting Jobcards

transfer material is also a job (jobcard), we have an antibacteriell environment, so a worker needs to get the job “get rawmatierial” based on a card, same with “handover half finished or finished products” to other areas/warehouse is a job for a worker, isn’t just a click in erpnext
not everyone has a computer in the production area (like us, coz of restrictions from outside), so the system should be able to handle offline and online work (offline->print out cards, later put in the results of the work)

  1. input result if the jobcards are done (automatically or manual)

many, many things more … but I’m not sure if our kind of work presents the usual manufacturing work, anyway, you’re always welcome to ask me, if you think I could give you ideas or background knowledge.

Best regards

I have tested software and a few things have come under my consideration:

  1. Required quantity cannot be changed in work order.

  2. If job card is partially completed, system does not show completion (finish button) at word order to submit partial items -completed.

  3. In stock entry type Manufacture, at tab additional cost, if ERPNext enables option of party type then cost /piece issue can be fixed easily . This can also be done via job card. (however job card itself is not a financial document.)

  4. When BOM is multi level (cutting, stitching, packing-operations), work order selects all 3 operations. However the required items does not select operation as per their BOM’s, we have to select operation 1 by 1 against item… Sometimes this shows only 1 operation at a time . This issue arise when we select transfer material against Job Card.

  5. When we chose multi level BOM (with multi-operations) and select material transfer against Job Card then at job card, system does not fetch any material from work order based on BOM. In nested BOM, transfer material only against Work order, not job card, because items does not fetch operation from child BOM.

  6. Work order let us to delete item / change item and quantity of changed item but does not let us to change quantity of same item. We can change item/item quantity at stock to manufacture entry level.

  7. When we start work order the system should ask us to transfer full quantity or partial quantity (considering available stock at WIP warehouse, but system transfers only full quantity)

  8. If we mention a batch size of 100 quantity in operation under job card, while entering quantity of 500 units in work order, 5 job cards would be created under 1 operation. (Moreover In BOM under operation head we must have to ensure batch size so that we may not have to face issue of multiple job cards while submitting work order.)

  9. When we chose a batch size in operation under job card, then at the time of creating work order system divide number of minutes to the batch size and calculate estimated time: 30min/100=.30 (This might be fix)

  10. When batch size is defined and we create work order and job card, then system lock Qty to Manufacture and total quantity is not updated from actual time-completed quantity in job card. (This happen in selecting batch and sub operation.)

11.When we transfer material to job card then Qty to manufacture become locked. This means now we cannot create a job card for less quantity than transferred.

12.We can submit work order (finish) for more than defined quantity than stock entry Manufactures does not confined us to change the quantity of semi finished items at WIP (this is excellent feature.)

Summarising this, there are a few things that need to fix, overall ERPNext is a remarkable solution.

I’m dealing with this now. However, to be fair, I’m new and probably don’t know what I’m doing.

I’m trying to evaluate the manufacturing module and I’m just starting with trying to get data into ERPNext.

We have 300+ warehouses and I’m trying to import them. The depth is only three, but here is what I’m running into with the import…

  1. I cannot import all warehouses at the same time because some warehouses are child warehouses with parents in the same file/import. So I get the error that the warehouse could not be created because the parent warehouse doesn’t exist. As a workaround I’ve had to split the file into 4 files and import them individually (Parent/top, depth 1 , depth 2, depth 3).

  2. I cannot have duplicate names. The name should not be the unique id/key. Why can’t I have Rack 1 in two different warehouses?

3. I also have to change parent names to include our company’s initials which get appended automatically. So instead of “Storage” it’s now “Storage CN”. I have to update all the import flies so importing will work.

Do let me know if there are already ways to get around these issues. I’m happy to learn.

@jdogcisco This is one time issue/effort while importing data into ERPNext (system gives reminder to create group node first), your 2nd test run seems genuine issue and I hope the Frappe team will also consider it. However 1 thing, the team must ensure to fix the major challenges for day to day operations in manufacturing module.